About Us

CodeWithAwa is an online tutoring platform founded in 2016. On this site I offer tutorials on the fundamentals of programming in both frontend and backend technologies like PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, JavaScript and it's related technologies. I am very passionate advocate of the idea of mastering fundamentals of any programming language as the best way to lay solid grounds for your career as a web developer in that programming language. This belief is the driving force behind the services I offer on here.

As far as fundamentals of PHP is concerned, I have done some work at targetting distinct aspects such as Creating a complete user registration and login system, Sending emails, uploading images and more.

I will share with you tips, opportunities, ideas and self-development material from my experience that I find to be often neglected by programmers but necessary for a fulfilling career.

I am targetting programming languages one after another and my goal is that after following my tutorials on any of the technologies I write on, you will have the skill sets that will ready you for a career in that technology.

I am out to offer you the very best tutorials and I depend on your feedback to constantly refine my methods and give you the best tutorials in the subjects that I write on. So feel free to contact me in the contact form in the footer of this website and I will get back to you.